We're upgrading Wigan Life Centre!


Exciting times for Wigan Life Centre

We’re changing the face of fitness at Wigan Life Centre.

Thanks to a £350,000 investment from Wigan Council - as part of the Deal for Health and Wellness - we’ll be giving your favourite town centre fitness complex an upgrade.

We’ll be replacing all the current equipment in the gym with the latest range from Technogym, plus there'll be a few new additions.

Wigan Life Centre will be one of the first gyms in the UK to offer the Technogym SkillRow. Developed with Olympic athletes, the SkillRow provides a realistic feeling of being on water.

As well as the SkillRow we will also be introducing the SkillMill, Excite Climb and the WATT Bike.

Your functional training area is being extended and will now include the world's most versatile functional training concept, the OMNIA 3. We are also introducing the Speed Track and Sled, designed to develop explosive power, speed and core conditioning.

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With new equipment comes the latest technology.

We will be introducing Mywellness Cloud allowing you to track everything you do, wherever you go.

Mywellness Cloud links to your favourite fitness apps, saves your personal exercise programmes and even customizes your account to show your favourite websites as soon as you log into the gym equipment

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But that’s not all! We’re also creating a new Mind and Body studio dedicated to classes such as yoga and pilates - helping you rejuvenate and reenergise before or after a busy day.

The existing studio will be enjoying a makeover and will now offer virtual classes, allowing us to extend our class timetable giving you even more to choose from.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the leisure centre refurbishment taking place?

By upgrading and modernising the decoration and equipment inside the gym and existing studio we’ll be able to give you a much better range of options for your fitness journey, as well as the introduction of a brand new studio for activities such as yoga and Pilates classes.

When will work begin?

Work will start on Monday 5 June, transforming the existing studio to add virtual sessions to our class programme. We’re also introducing a brand new Mind & Body studio for low impact classes such as yoga and Pilates. Work on your fantastic new gym with the very latest Technogym equipment will start on Friday 16 June.

When will work on the studios be completed?

You’ll still be able to access your favourite classes whilst the work takes place, but we’ll need access during the day to redecorate and supply all of the new features. This means classes will run from 5pm onwards from 5 June until completion on 16 June, then it’s all systems go with our improved class programme and virtual sessions.

Will I still be able to work out at Wigan Life Centre during the gym refurbishment?

Of course you can. We’ll be putting fast classes into our extended group exercise programme and swimming will not be affected. However, in order to transform and improve your gym experience the gym will close from 16 June until 3 July. Your membership allows you access to the gym at all of our other leisure centres, with the closest being just outside of the town centre at Robin Park Leisure Centre, where you’ll also be entitled to free outdoors tennis during the duration of the gym works at Wigan Life.

When will I be able to use the brand new gym?

All of this fantastic new equipment and some brand new functional gym classes will be available from Monday 3 July. All you need to do in advance is make sure your email address is up to date so that we can transfer you to the My Wellness cloud and then you’ll be good to go. This will give you the chance to track your training inside and outside of the gym, and build your own programme through the My Wellness app.

Will I require an induction if I use another of your gyms.

Depending on the equipment at the leisure centre you choose then you may require an induction first. Please phone in advance.

Will I require an induction before using the new gym?

Yes. We’ll be in touch closer to the time with more information.

If I use the gym at Robin Park will I need to pay for parking?

No. Simply get a ticket from one of the machines and present it at reception, where you will be issued with a refund. If you're visiting regularly please speak to a member of staff at reception for a parking pass.

Will the pool stay open?

Yes of course, all of your swimming needs will still be available.

How can I request more information?

If you want to ask any more questions please contact tellus@inspiringhealthylifestyles.org or speak to reception.

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